With the arrival of Snapchat targeting, a younger audience is getting more comfortable to enter into a “relationship” with their favorite business. Statistics say that about 60% «youngsters» who are active on social media and their smartphone are using Snapchat, but how can we as a business use that as our advantage to attract the audience we want to bring to us.

“Snapchaters” are growing in number and as a business, it would be a missed opportunity if you didn’t use the leverage Snapchat can allow you and your company or brand to have on others.

Of course, there isn’t one “magic Strategie” that will begin to allow a decent number of people following you overnight, but it’s important not to overlook “Snapchat” and what it can do for your business.

Here are some of my tips on why Snapchat is more useful as you may think:

#1-It Ranks Well on SEO

That may seem basic, and it can seem like it is “unimportant” to mention considering the number of times I say it in previous articles, but social media ranks well on SEO, so it is essential to have at least three active SM(Social Media) pages.

#2-Share Interesting Content

Don’t shy off because Snapchat or something might’ve not worked the first time,
maybe it’s just a sign to keep going with the different type of content and don’t try to make it to technical and annoying people in social media want content that’s entertaining if you don’t do that they might as well leave your page within the first seconds.

#3-Be relatable

We all make mistakes right?
People like seeing that they can connect with human beings so don’t try and be a perfectionist it’s okay if you make mistakes but learn from them and act as if your future content will be “that more interesting” to look.

#4-Do Something Unexpected
What is better is sharing your staff or even yourself doing something unusual for your audience, keep it interesting and even controversial people like it this way!

Some might think that social media is a waste of time or even money. What is to take is that nowadays Social Media has allowed humans and close ones to get closer also if they live in the other side of the planet they can relate with someone they maybe never even met some would argue it makes interactions with real humans close to us more difficult or does it?


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